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Walk with the Clouds at your feet in Times Square


You know I have a passion for Times Square unlike most New Yorkers- but seriously, Times Square Arts just continues to bring cool things to the tourist center of the city. The latest (aside from #Midnightmoment and the sweet XXX TIMES SQUARE WITH LOVE “chairs”) is a mirrored sculptural piece that turns Times Square into a human kaleidoscope- or at least a really cool photo for Facebook. Head over to The Beginning of the End by Rachel Valdés Camejo. As you walk through the tunnel-like installation, the walls reflect the craziness of Times Square, while the floor puts the (now blue) skies at your feet, making for one awesome photo! Try it out through Through Monday, November, 21!
Rachel Valdés Camejo, The Beginning of the End
Broadway Plaza between 46th and 47th Streets

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