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Voguing Will Never Die #standardtalks

I was overjoyed last week when Standard Talks decided to cover one of my favorite topics: VOGUING. Yes, voguing. Yes, I love it, but in all honesty I had NO idea it was still so incredibly relevant (I MUST go to Vogue Knights sometime soon!) The night was spent chatting with┬áJack Mizrahi, the biggest MC in the game, Omari Mizrahi, Javier Ninja, Aisha Diroi Prodigy, and Meeka Prodigy- and of course included some in your face moves by the panel and some guests. It wasn’t exactly Paris is Burning, but the energy was inspiring and exciting for this getting-older New Yorker. Check out some amazing GIFS of Javier Ninja being extremely bendy and flexible on the Standard’s site.


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