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Vinz Feel Free, “Innocence” as curated by BSA & DK Johnston

This Saturday, November 4 (from 6-10pm) head to The MARCY Project (275 South 2nd street) in Williamsburg for a special exhibition curated by Brooklyn Street Art and DK Johnston- featuring the work ing Vinz Feel Free.

The Marcy Project Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn is proud to present “INNOCENCE”, a solo exhibition by street artist Vinz Feel Free on Saturday November 4th, curated by the editors of Brooklyn Street Art (BSA) and DK Johnston.

Flying in from Valencia for his premiere Brooklyn solo show, the wild-life street surrealist debuts a 20- piece collection of new works featuring his uniquely original nude photo-painting hybrids for “INNOCENCE”, opening November 4th.

“INNOCENCE” features new painting, collages, mixed media works, and screen prints of his signature orchestrated photo shoots, thematically inspired directly by global art activism and artist/activists like FEMEN and Pussy Riot. Never afraid to address larger political and social issues with his work such as global rampant capitalism, state violence, and natural-gas fracking, the contemporary artist returns this time to our innate innocent state of being.

A special custom Vinz Feel Free Sticker Pack will be awarded to the first 40 people through the door.

In the words of Vinz Feel Free:

1. The quality or state of being innocent; freedom from sin or moral wrong.
2. Freedom from legal or specific wrong; guiltlessness.

We live in a world of repression on a large scale. Natural naiveté has been tainted by twisted mentalities. When degenerates reach the top of the establishment, they attack true innocence with their own repression. In this sense, Puritanism is fighting a hard battle against purity.

“INNOCENCE” is a solo exhibition by the artist Vinz Feel Free that seeks to re-claim a sense of the naiveté and purity that existed before Puritanism made it a sin, and the struggle of millions of women around the world to express themselves with liberty and without the concept of guilt.

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