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Vimeo Takes Over The L Train



It’s interesting when someone’s innocently Instagrammed share of their colorful commute to work turns up the volume on a debate over a corporations’ co opting of popular culture. My morning Insta troll was filled with pictures of the L train baring bold graffiti inspired wraps which I can only assume is sponsored by Vimeo ad execs.


The wrapped train cars feature colorful seats that match the exterior design. Lets face it, the company definitely found it’s target audience on the L train. The pictures are attracting a range of comments about big corporations appropriating graffiti culture for financial gain, to happy-go-lucky puff the magic dragon references.




How do you feel? Does it feels more like a marketing campaign riding off with the benefits of a public art presence? Big corporation guerilla marketing making money off of cool culture? Was your commute a bit more bearable?

Maybe it’s not that deep… but I still enjoy the snarky comments.


*Thanks to all the Instagrammers and their great pictures and comments.

3 Responses to “Vimeo Takes Over The L Train”
  1. Albert Diaz says:

    It took them a long time to figure that one out. BITERS !!

  2. It seems orps have been rippig off lots of street art sylelaely smh

  3. Jakob DeWeerdt I got stickers from them

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