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Vienna: Let Olafur Eliasson’s Yellow Fog Wash Over You

Vienna’s Am Hof Square is packed with highly ornamented architecture from the ages- like most of the beautiful city. It seems everywhere I looked, there were statues, cherubs, carved marble ivy columns, sculpted cast iron, mosaics and tile work, all coupled with beds and beds of fresh flowers. The decadence is dizzying, and just when you think you’ve become drunk on beauty, the yellow fog starts creeping in.

At first rolling low, hugging the ground where the Verbund-Gebäudes building meets the sidewalk, Olafur Eliasson’s permanent installation makes itself known to passersby wandering the city. For an hour each day at dusk, the yellow fog emanates for 40 seconds, then slowly dissipates. Every three minutes the process repeats, sometimes enveloping the street, sometimes rolling away like tumble weed, and others evaporating almost without a trace.

The fog interrupts passersby, causing some to stop dead in their tracks when stumbling upon it, and creates a contemplative intervention within the city of Vienna, giving each individual surreal and cinematic personal experience, creating a moment of magic in real life.

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