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VIDEO: Updating Philosophies with CERN

Director Jared Levy sent me this short doc he made with artist Cern about his process yesterday. Its beautifully done, and gives insight into the Brooklyn based artist’s M.O.


Process is fascinating. There is an art to the way that things are made. Oftentimes we find ourselves so enraptured by a work of art that a form of mysticism envelops the creator. In our society this has become something worth idolizing, something artists feel the need to aspire to.

Well, we’re not interested in myth. We’re interested in people. In actual people who have incredible talents and the hard work they put in to achieve their results.

Often this secretive artistic path is put on a pedestal. We would like to offer something different to admire: the realistic struggle through which people can create great things.

Expression is difficult. It is of our belief that true greatness comes from vulnerability. The honesty that lies within the creative process provides us with empowering perspectives. To know the challenges faced by an artist and the fortitude needed to overcome them is to celebrate the human spirit.

Cern is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. His ideas are expressed in many artistic forms, including murals, which can be found in major cities all over the world.
Twitter: @cernymi
Instagram: @cernesto

Production Company: Navigate (
Director/Editor: Jared Levy
Director of Photography: Justin Hamilton
Executive Producers: Jared Levy & Justin Hamilton
Additional Cinematography: Jared Levy
Sound Mix: Cary Daniels
Color Grade: Nice Shoes (
Colorist: Phil Choe
Production Assistance: Julian Walter & James Daniel
BTS Photos: Julian Walter (

Dwell (Snowfall Remix) -Tony Anderson
Visitors on the Bow Wave – The Echelon Effect
Processed Spirits – Lymbyc Systym
Tekapo – Salomon Ligthelm
All music provided by The Music Bed

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  1. Joe Buckley says:

    Brilliant piece on you buddy.

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