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VIDEO: Noah Becker’s New York is Now

WE love hugging Whitehot Mag’s Noah Becker, not just because he is huggable, but because he is just so damn talented in many realms- artist, editor and filmmaker. Check out his informative documentary on the New York City art scene in its entirety here with interviews with some of New York’s best, including our fave Michael Anderson.

Artist and Whitehot Magazine publisher Noah Becker hosts a fast-paced trip through the contemporary art scene in New York – now. Becker talks with major artists, auction houses, curators and dealers who put forth their views on issues of art world decentralization, the art market climate, and the clash between real and virtual art worlds via social media and the internet. Featuring Lee Ranaldo, Richard Phillips, Bill Powers, Bibbe Hansen, Gerry Visco, Michael Anderson, Spencer Tunick, Michael Halsband, Richard Butler, Todd Levin, Nic Rad, Ryan Schultz, Jill Conner, James Salomon, Ned Smyth, Noah Becker and many more icons of the current art scene. Including performances by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and original soundtrack by Noah Becker featuring hip-hop legend Moka Only, Jules Chaz and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel – New York is Now!

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