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VIDEO: Making Art with Gina Martynova

Loving this video that goes inside of the world of the very talented artist, Gina Martynova. Congratulations and enjoy! Check out Gina’s work here!

Brass Brothers Films announce release of latest film, “Wonder”

March 20, 2015. Knoxville, Tennessee. Brass Brothers Films today announced the release of “Wonder,” the latest installment in their noted “Making Art” documentary film series exploring the passions and motivations of working artists. “Wonder” focuses on illustrator and fashion design Gina Martynova, and can be viewed at.

Combining technical precision and an almost other-worldly whimsy, Martynova creates paintings, fabrics and fashions that reflect her multicultural background, botanical interest and perpetual wonder in life in all its forms. “Wonder is one of the benefits of living, I suppose,” Marynova said, “If we had the answers to everything, that would be amazing, but what would be the point?”

To find subjects for the “Making Art” series, director Jesse Brass combs through mountains of art-centric websites, blogs, and online magazines. He’s particularly drawn to work that displays an intriguing juxtaposition, either in its elements subject matter or media. “In Gina’s case,” Brass said, “what drew me in was her fantastical blending of cultures, fashion, art, beauty and the bizarre. They exuded and evoked wonder. I was an instant fan and had to learn more.”

“Wonder” and all of the Brass Brothers’ “Making Art” films are available for viewing at Television, website, gallery and festival showings can be arranged by contacting Jesse Brass at





Conceived in 2011, “Making Art” is a series of 20 short documentary films produced and directed by brothers Jesse Brass and Matt Brass. Each film focuses on a different contemporary working artist. To date the series has been honored with six Vimeo Staff Picks, featured by The Huffington Post, Colossal, Illusion 360, Fubiz,, Awwwards, Free Music Archive, ArtFido and optioned by Canal 180, a Portugese TV station. Juxtapoz magazine picked up three films in the series to promote its 2014 publication of HyperReal. The entire series can be viewed on Vimeo at

Gina Martynova currently works as the lead designer for Ozone Socks on specialty projects for clients such as the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Art Museum, Saks Fifth Ave, Tori Richard, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. When she isn’t busy working for Ozone, exhibiting in galleries across the United States, or designing her own line of apparel, Gina can be found napping outside in the sun with her Norwegian forest cat named Yuis.


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