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VIDEO: Logan Hick’s Bowery Wall Teaser


Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties, has announced that the next artist whose work will grace the historic Houston Bowery Wall in lower Manhattan is Logan Hicks. Hicks who returned to the east coast in 2006 after many years in California, is excited to be creating a work for the wall, which has been home to murals by many of the most renowned street artists working today. Hicks is scheduled to start work on the mural, entitled, “Story of My Life” on Monday, July 25th. A pre-eminent stencil artist, Hicks works from photographs he shoots, creating multilayered stencils and using aerosol spray paint to create haunting, yet familiar urban landscapes.

The Bowery Wall mural will be Hicks’ most personal piece yet. His signature architectural landscape is set on Greene Street where a massive photo shoot took place on May 22nd. For the shoot, Logan invited dozens of friends and family to participate, and be represented in a “crowd scene.” The mural represents his past, present and future here in New York City, telling the story of his life through the people who have touched him.

According to Goldman Srebnick, “For many years our family has felt a deep connection to the work of Logan Hicks. His gift of transporting the artistic admirer into a magical urban streetscape is unmatched. His work has the ability to take one to a place of contemplation, curiosity and awe. Our choice of Logan Hicks to be the next artist to take his place in the ever growing story book of the Houston Bowery mural wall was easy. This mural will be Logan’s largest and most complex mural to date.”

Continued Goldman Srebnick, “Logan’s choice of Greene Street as the subject of the mural will resonate differently with each passerby. For me, it is a deeply personal reminder of my own family history. It’s the site of Goldman Properties’ first office, our first restaurants and where I grew up. It’s not only the epicenter of Soho’s revitalization, it’s where Goldman Properties began our journey of neighborhood revitalization.”

Offers Hicks, “This new piece is about my time in New York. Doing a mural on the Houston Bowery Wall is a celebration of my ten year mark in New York. The Bowery Wall is like the crown jewel of public art, so it’s impossible not to think about the support system I have had along the way. In the mural you will find an array of people from throughout my life. From good friends, to family. I chose Soho because when I first started coming to New York, it was the mecca for art galleries, and showing there was the pinnacle of success. Who knew that years later, I’d have a show in Soho and be working with the Goldmans, who were the force behind the neighborhood’s revitalization.”

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