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VIDEO: Lacy Barry- DOVES

Lacy Barry has been busy not only at her fashion collabo with Studio Winkler, designing The Bonnie in Astoria and her gorgeous studio paper craft- she’s also made this gorgeous film that will debut today on Channel 22- the in room channel- at The Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown (curated by me of course!)

The film takes place in a usual North American country home evident of various decades of renovations & comforts known to the common family. The home is surrounded by a cornfield magical and wild, an ideal grounds for the imaginations of three small children to play in what is their imagination into reality.

I spent two months in Autumn with my sister and her three small children after a one year stint in New York City. Looking to detach a bit from the mania of the city, and hide out in the country to focus on personal work, & help my sister & nephews get settled into their new home, I found on afternoons when the children came home from school, it was often we would take walks in the cornfield behind my sisters house. Sometimes we would be lost for hours and have to race back before it became totally dark. We found interesting natural things; small green bobbles hanging from a tree that contained seeds we brought home to dissect and a delicately deceased swallow cocooned in it’s own wings…we had a proper funeral on a tree stump for.
Our imaginations were nourished from this untamed world away from time and technology, the life around us seemed simplistic and beautiful. The cornfield became such a place of escape, we evoked a freedom that caused us to assemble misconjointed attire made up of old costumes, christmas decorations, boxed winter clothes and the like, before going into the field to take on our next adventure & discovery.
I had an itching feeling to recreate the escapism from our own transitional realities; mine, disembarking from adulthood and making the move from North America to Europe and theirs, adapting to a new house, new school, making new friends, new etc. We lived in pure momentous freedom in the cornfield behind my sisters house, and after being away on my own for one week in a near by city it was apparent I had to make this film recreation. Therefore Doves was created, named after the purity of childhood discovery, escapism of imagination and an ethereal freedom.
Costumes & Headpieces inspired by a variation of hues and textures classified by three types of birds;
Yellow Dove Head Dress/ Face Protector
Blue Dove Sonar Receptors
Red Dove Aerodynamic Ear Fylers
filmed in rural Ontario, Canada

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  1. Lacy Barry says:

    Thanks again Lori Zimmer you are so awesome!

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