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VIDEO: Christo and Jean-Claude Wrapping the Reichstag

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in ’89, art power couple Christo and Jean-Claude rechristened the city’s historic governmental building, the Reichstag. Built in 1894, the building was steeped in bad memories, being a center for the Nazis before it was badly damaged in a fire in 1933, then becoming bombed during World War II, standing as a symbol of ruin. During the Cold War Era the Reichstag may have been located in the free West, but was adjacent to the wall dividing the East, further becoming a symbol of conflict. Once the wall fell, the building was used as the site of reunification, but Berliners still didn’t know how to feel about it. In came art…Christo and Jean-Claude made a plan to wrap the Reichstag in 100,000 square meters of polypropylene fabric, as they did with architecture and nature. The project brought Berliners together to create a new memory of the Reichstag, and once the fabric was removed, felt like a rebirth of the architectural gem.


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