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VIDEO: Anna Copacabanna in Tim Kuhl’s DRIVE

If you’ve been paying attention to New York night life over the past 10 years, you’ve most likely had to pleasure of seeing the beautiful Anna Copacabanna in one of her renditions. Whether she’s go-go dancing (at many of my favorite places that are now gone- the Painted Lady, Motor City, Rififi) or performing with her sickeningly sweet (in a good way) voice, or choreographing synchronized moves with Breedlove, she epitomizes what many of us move to New York for- do dance to the beat of your own fabulous drum. The lovely’s lucky fella has just put out a new video, starring Copacabanna without her iconic blonde wig. Instead, Anna’s hair au naturel, looking rather silent film siren, and trading her 1960’s moves for modern, interpretive movement (don’t worry she keeps character with one of her sparkly dance costumes. Check out Tim Kuhl’s new jam “Drive”, and yet another side of the multi-talented Anna Copacabanna.

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