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Valeri Larko’s Realistic Graffiti Oils come to Wall Works

Tomorrow night head to Wall Works NY in the Bronx for the hyper-realistic oil paintings of Valeri Larko. On Site: The Bronx opens Saturday October 22, 2016 5-8pm.

Larko’s incredibly meticulous landscapes are an interesting mix of classical technique and contemporary subject matter. Drawing from the academic style of on site landscape painting, Larko’s collection of current works is an examination of abandoned buildings throughout The Bronx that have become graffiti playgrounds for local writers.

Visiting the same site for days and weeks on end, Larko’s works capture vibrant colors and gritty texture in stunning detail. Although produced in a very traditional medium, her work embodies the vibe and spirit of a different kind of street art—produced in and of the streets, acknowledging and celebrating the history of the neighborhood and its inhabitants, at a time when the old is being torn down and replaced by the new.

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