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Urban Geodes Pop Up In Philadelphia




I have long been an admirer of LA based artist Paige Smith’s (aka A Common Name) Urban Geodes Project for a while. Smith creates these shimmering resin sculptures that resemble mineral formations and fits them into forgotten spaces that she refers to as “unexpected treasures”.

Last week she was spotted around Philadelphia installing her geodes as part of a collaboration with HAHAxPARADIGM – a community arts program that invites artists to share in an open dialogue about the benefits of public art by bringing their projects to Philadelphia.

The geode locations were kept a secret in order to kick off a Treasure Hunt. Prizes were offered to the first 2 art hunters to Instagram (#phillygeodes #hahaxpara) 4 of the 11 geode locations using hints revealed on the popular Philly street art blog, Streets Dept.

The entire list of geode locations is set to be released on & Streets Dept this weekend.


Photo credit: Conrad Benner/Streets Dept

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