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Upcoming Exhibits for 5 Stand-Out Artists From Prospect.3 NOLA in 2015

Browser windows appeared within and outside of one another. Species morphed into future versions of themselves; stuffed animals juxtaposed with images of zygotes while scientists rummaging through card catalogs of data flickered on the side of the screen. It was impossible not to be engrossed in the cacophony of life unfolding in real time, populating screens that wove across and between one another through the course of the video’s 13 minutes.

Henrot's Grosse Fatigue, around the 12 minute mark

Henrot’s Grosse Fatigue, around the 12 minute mark

Grosse Fatigue (2013), Camille Henrot’s video originally shown at the 2013 Venice Biennale, was up for viewing at the Longue Vue House & Gardens as part of Prospect 3: Notes for Now. Prospect 3 took place in New Orleans late 2014-early 2015, and traipsing through its offerings on a one-day tour was like taking a speedboat ride through a miles-long kaleidoscope–entrancing, but all blended together. Poring through the evidence on view, this special agent has opened 5 case files of contemporary artists, showcased as part of P.3, to uncover where they’re popping up next.

1. Camille Henrot, origin: Paris, France

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Feb-May 2015

In a special exhibit curated by Rirkrit Tiravanija at Yerba Buena, The Way Things Go, Tiravanija as artist-cum-curator includes Camille Henrot in his in-depth look at the migratory properties of material culture relating to kitchens and culinary arts. Participating artists hail from San Francisco, Asia and Europe, with Henrot bringing her eye for anthropological explorations to the exhibit.


Tameka Norris at May Gallery, Prosect.3 NOLA

Tameka Norris at May Gallery, Prosect.3 NOLA

2. Tameka Norris, origin: New Orleans, LA

Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL, Feb-March 2015

Norris’ captivating tumble through life’s peaks and valleys as her alter ego Meka Jean in the film How She Got Good treats Meka’s life and New Orleans’ status as a city in flux post-Katrina in equal measure. The same film that debuted at Prospect 3 New Orleans in the May Gallery will be on view with associated soft sculptures, photographs and related paraphernalia as part of Emerson Dorsch’s Meka Jean: Recovery, on view in Miami until March 21.


Huguette Caland for Lombard Freid

Huguette Caland, courtesy Lombard Freid

3. Huguette Caland, origin: Beirut, Lebanon

Lombard Freid at the Armory Art Show 2015, New York, March 2015

Caland’s signature anthropomorphic figures appeared in a group show at the New Orleans Museum of Art for Prospect 3. Caland has emerged as a slow-burn artist–her painting career began in the 1950s, with her work appearing in major shows since the 1990s (it would be all too easy to draw parallels to the career of figurative artist Louise Bourgeois..) Originating from Beirut, Caland is represented in New York City by Lombard Freid Gallery, who are featuring her work at their booth in the Park Avenue Armory arts show this Spring. Taking place from March 5-8 2015, stop by Booth 532 to experience her works in their delightful and colorful detail.


Firelei Baez at Joan Mitchell studios for Prospect 3

Firelei Baez at Joan Mitchell studios for Prospect 3

4. Firelei Baez, origin: Santiago, Dominican Republic

Perez Museum of Art, Miami FL, TBA

Baez is a Dominican artist whose lush and evocative imagery, captured in nebulous jewel tones spread upon wafer-thin silk fabric, depict the female figure. Exuding majesty and mystery, Baez brings the beauty of womanhood to bear by celebrating non-traditional beauty–cascading curls of hair and dark skin are celebrated, an affront to the traditional magazine pin-up celebrity. From far off it is impossible to depict the amazing detail and minutiae packed into Baez’ works, so keep an eye on the Perez Museum of Art’s roster of upcoming exhibits to check out Baez’s solo show, coming later in 2015, for a better idea of Baez’s talent.


Ebony G. Patterson from P.3, courtesy Newcomb Art Gallery, Tulane

detail from work by Ebony G. Patterson from P.3, Newcomb Art Gallery, Tulane

5. Ebony G. Patterson, origin: Kingston, Jamaica

Lux Art Institute, Encinitas CA, April-May 2015

The luxurious tapestry and fabric creations of Ebony G. Patterson engulf visitors into a world of riotous color. Constructing portraits and abstract confections from mixed media materials of varying levels of sparkle, Patterson’s works are easy to become lost in and difficult to walk away from. Her works in fiber arts take on issues of gender roles and postcolonial aesthetics. You can find the up and coming art star at the Lux Art Institute, as artist in residence in Encinitas near San Diego from April 4 to May 2 and her works will remain up for view until May 30.


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