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Triad Bronze

This bronze, which has been under scaffolding for as long as I can remember, shows three Cubist figures in embrace. The work, created by little-known artist Irving Marantz in 1969, was actually inspired by Picassos “Three Musicians” which is on display nearby at MoMA.

Who: Irving Marantz

What: Triad

Where: 475 Park Avenue South, 10016

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  1. Thea Mann says:

    I have seen “Triad” without scaffolding, actually, but the entire city is marred by the current plague of “Scaffoldism” of the 21st century. Actually, Irving Marantz was far from “a little known artist” in the mid twentieth century: his golden “Obelisk to Peace” (1972), also on Park Ave., was completed a year before his death. His vivid, abstract, oil paintings are in the Julie Heller Gallery, and the Art Museum of Provincetown, Cape Cod, where he lived. He was a well known professor, painter, & sculptor: The problem with art of this era is that they expressed a certain style valued in the mid 20th century, but their work becomes under-appreciated through generations of artistic evolution. Yet, when looking at the paintings now – 2018 – there are still very timely elements to them.. Definitely worth some effort to view them. -Thea Mann

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