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Too Art for TV 7

With everyone either off in Miami for the fairs or fully absorbed in the holiday shopping mania (not gonna lie, I hit CyberMonday pretty hard this year), the rest of us need something fun and creative to occupy our time until the new year. Enter the Bunnycutlet Gallery. Bunnycutlet presents Too Art for TV 7, it’s seventh annual animation group exhibition. Showcasing frequent Bunnycutlet collaborators and Bunnycutlet newcomers, Too Art for TV 7 opened on Friday, but is open until January 2nd.


Too Art For TV 77th Annual Fine Art ExhibitionFor The Animation Industry
Group ExhibitionOpening reception – December 6th, 7-10pmDecember 6th 2013 through January 2nd, 2014BROOKLYN, NY (RELEASE November 17th, 2013) — Bunnycutlet Gallery is pleased to present Too Art For TV 7, a group exhibition featuring new works by 20 artists who maintain day-jobs in the animation industry. This is the seventh annual Too Art For TV, combining a mix of longtime Bunnycutlet exhibitors with a handful of exciting newcomers.Frequent Bunnycutlet exhibitor Jessica Milazzo has enjoyed a long and varied career as a full-time and freelance animator. Her fine art work employs controlled dashes of color that she uses as humorous punctuations for offbeat and playful imagery. When she began showcasing her work for Too Art for TV in 2006, her primary medium was watercolor on paper. Milazzo’s work today employs embroidery, a medium considered folkish or feminine, but in Milazzo’s hands, has a city-modern, pop culture and comic twist.

New to exhibiting with Bunnycutlet is the artist Aaron Tompkins, an animation content developer and toy designer whose large-scale cell vinyl paintings are cartoonish, irreverent, and surreal, as if plucked from some giant Adult Swim-styled dream. By contrast, artist Corwin Herse Woo, a one-time Bunnycutlet exhibitor and former background painter for the animated series The Venture Bros, exhibits paintings on paper that are tight and compact, using graphic elements as compositional frames for figures, fragmented stories, and beautifully rendered moments.

Too Art For TV exists as an outlet for animation artists whose individual skills and voices are otherwise absorbed by the collaborative nature of their profession. Curated by animation painter and Bunnycutlet owner Liz Artinian, this exhibit nurtures many emerging artists as they develop into well established fine art exhibitors. This year celebrates 20 well known and emerging artists who hail from animation, their visual cohesiveness stemming from an embrace of exuberant and experimental themes in comic-book, animation, and illustration techniques.

Robbie Busch
Ian Clyde
Sachio Cook
Kelly Denato
John R. Dilworth
Amanda Baehr Fuller
Chris George
Niko Guardia
Jen Hill
Todd Lown
Shay Lurie
Richard Mather
Jessica Milazzo
Brad Mossman
Mike Mucci
Derek Rippe
Aaron Tompkins
Corwin Herse Woo

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