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Tonight, The Lonely Whale Takes over the screens in Times Square- 8:30pm!

Tonight at 8:30 pm, the Nasdaq and Reuters screens (thanks to PVBLIC) in Times Square will be taken over by The Lonely Whale! For a whopping 15 minutes (that is a ridiculous amount of money in Times Square screenland), the screens will swim with footage from a breathtaking new feature-length documentary on ocean health, produced by Adrian Grenier, Josh Zeman and Lucy Cooper of Alldayeveryday. Just before, a small press reception will be held at the W Hotel Times Square ( EWOW Suite ).



Alldayeveryday has commissioned artist Kal Barteski to make a beautiful water color series in conjunction for the film. Love these!

photo (8)

I’m a huge fan of Times Square Arts’ #MidnightMoments which take over screens for 3 minutes, and LOVE that PVBLIC has funded this project to take over for 15 minutes! See you at 8:30!

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