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Tonight, KLONE at Garis & Hahn

Tonight, a zillion art fairs but also Tel Aviv-based artist KLONE makes his New York debut at Garis & Hahn– and I will be there.

“And so, I sat in the lotus position, placing my left hand on my knee and my right hand on my tail. I concentrated and
began remembering my past – the layers of it that are usually concealed from me by the stream of everyday thoughts.
And suddenly, entirely out of the blue, my right hand jerked and tugged. I felt a pain in the base of my spine. But that
pain was nothing compared with the stream of repentance, horror and shame for what I had done that flooded over me with such great power that tears sprang to my eyes.” – The Sacred Book of The Werewolf, Victor Pelevin

Garis & Hahn is pleased to present Topography of a Daydream, a two-story solo exhibition featuring a series of new sculptures, drawings, animations, and a site-specific mural by Tel Aviv-based artist, KLONE. This exhibition marks the
artist’s first solo show in New York. Garis & Hahn will host an opening reception on Thursday, May 14 from 6PM to 8PM at 263 Bowery.

Topography of a Daydream is a visual allegory for diaspora and identity politics. KLONE explores his childhood memories of emigration from the Ukraine to Israel with the journey of mythical creatures through an artificial landscape. Each element of the exhibition is an iconography of local history and folklore represented across both Western and Eastern cultures.
The fox, the crow, and the black cat are recollections of daydreams that become the figures repeated throughout KLONE’s work. The fox, or kitsune, is often seen as employing a mystical and cunning ability to trick others, while alternate stories portray them as faithful guardians, friends, and lovers. The crow, believed by some to be an omen of death, is also a mark of rebirth and rejuvenation—a small, black bird that historically cleaned up after battles and symbolized the renaissance after great tragedy. Even the black cat, understood in the West to foretell an ominous future, is a portent of good luck and fortune in other parts of the world. Each character, although wrought with negative connotations in mainstream, contemporary culture, represents a trusted companion that has been a recurring entity in KLONE’s work since
he was a teenager in the late 90s. As a child uprooted from the U.S.S.R., he disassociates himself from identifying as either Israeli or Ukrainian—yet, he admits to being somewhat tied to both. KLONE’s ambivalence towards self-identity, allows him to create and integrate fantasy worlds for himself and audiences in which to live—and more importantly, belong.
KLONE’s memories are reconstructed into imaginative spaces by trains of association drawn from the connection between objects, scenes, and images making Topography of a Daydream, similarly, an illustration in the archeology of daydreams. These imaginative realms traditionally seen as intimate, safe havens for children are revisited inside the exhibition. We see the characters come together in Topography of a Daydream guiding audiences through KLONE’s imaginative space, where memories appear to be motionless, but are simultaneously subject to the grip of the past and the call to the future.

This exhibition was made possible through the additional support of independent curator, Joey Lico, and The Office of Cultural Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel.

About the Artist
KLONE, born in Harkov, Ukraine, currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. KLONE’s initial practice of tagging and graffiti were personal challenges to themes of diaspora. As a medium, it enabled him to capture the immediacy of his memories, while also allowing him a greater sense of experimentation and informality, reflecting the inherent fallibility of recollection. KLONE’s drawings and murals have appeared in galleries and museums throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the United States including: The Munich Museum in Munich; GO Gallery in Amsterdam; Project M5 in Berlin; The Israel Museum in Jerusalem; Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles; and the Urban Angel Gallery in London.
About Garis & Hahn
Garis & Hahn is a gallery-cum-Kunsthalle that mounts exhibitions focused on conceptual

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