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Tonight!- A La Mode at Clic

Ce soir, start the week off at the beautiful Clic Bookstore & Gallery and art book store on the edge of Chinatown. Sip on Peroni whilst checking the work of our friend Noah Becker, as well as The Lovechild, Boris Bernard and Neal Cassetana and a bunch more. 6-8pm at Click, 255 Centre Street.


A la Mode, a French phrase from the mid-17th century, was first used to describe silk, glossy material for hoods and scarves and later as a cooking method. Literally meaning “according to the fashion,” the saying now commonly refers to ice cream on top of pie in North America.

Art has become the zeitgeist in New York City in the 21st century and even graffiti, once considered vandalism, sells at the top art auction houses in the world. People even want their pie with art on top.
“A la Mode,” is a group exhibition showcasing emerging artists making their presence felt in the Big Apple. From fashion icons of music and style, to the clothing and accessories chosen by painters; the artists play with the notion of materials,colors, form, and balance. Is not the ballet dancer’s costume part of their dance? When does one separate Alexander McQueen and categorize him as a designer instead of an artist? With one of a kind totes and painted jackets in the show as well, the artist’s challenge is to break the boundaries between creative fields.
From classical styles to more contemporary ones, each artist in the show give a unique perspective on the connection between fashion and art and art and fashion. Ice cream is still popular on rhubarb pie, but art is the new A la Mode.

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