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Time Landscape

Time Landscape is blooming and booming! The fenced in trees and shrubs on this corner are not just a public parks display, but in fact a land artwork by Alan Sonfist. The selection of the types are plants are completely intentional, representing a replanted pre-colonial section of forest of Manhattan of the 16th century, before settlers, a living monument to the long gone forests of Manhattan. Sonfist, a pioneer of the 1960s Earth/Land art movement says it best:

“When it was first planted, Time Landscape portrayed the three stages of forest growth from grasses to saplings to grown trees. The southern part of the plot represented the youngest stage and now has birch trees and beaked hazelnut shrubs, with a layer of wildflowers beneath.

The center features a small grove of beech trees (grown from saplings transplanted from Sonfist’s favorite childhood park in the Bronx) and a woodland with red cedar, black cherry, and witch hazel above groundcover of mugwort, Virginia creeper, aster, pokeweed, and milkweed. The northern area is a mature woodland dominated by oaks, with scattered white ash and American elm trees. Among the numerous other species in this mini forest are oak, sassafras, sweetgum, and tulip trees, arrow wood and dogwood shrubs, bindweed and catbrier vines, and violets.

Who: Alan Sonfist

What: Time Landscape

Where: The Corner of West Houston and Laguardia Place

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  1. Just took these pix last week- its in full bloom! a slice of 16th C NYC in Noho-Time Landscape via @artnerdnewyork

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