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threeASFOUR at The Pines

In 1999 I fell in love with threeASFOUR (then ASFOUR)’s iconic circle purses. Nowadays, they’ve branched out beyond fashion, incorporating performance and art into their oeuvre. This saturday get to the beach, and participate in their immersive installation at The Pines.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Operating within a signature creative zone between performance, installation, and fashion, threeASFOUR is equally at home on runways and in museums. For the label’s new project SPIEGEL SPIEL, the trio of artists will create a temporary installation on the beach, in which their signature Plexiglas mirrors will be arranged geometrically as a reflective stage-set. The installation will be part-sculpture, but also part-backdrop, as the audience – and their dogs – will be invited to create and be photographed in one-of-a-kind mirror garments with threeASFOUR. The day culminates with a musical finale, in which a special guest, donning a similarly unique mirrored outfit, will celebrate the collaborative experience with an a cappella performance. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Diana Ross, Robert Smithson, and the Velvet Underground’s Nico, SPIEGEL SPIELcelebrates the creative and spontaneous spirit of collaboration and unity.

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