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These Are Not Inflatable Toys


I have this thing about objects that are made to look like one thing but function as another. Or quite simply put, I love a good trick of the eye. The illusion of Brett Kerns ceramic sculptures mind altering fun. If you’re going to mess with my head it’s OK to do it in this way.  Now before you poise your fingers to type the obvious – yes, I realize that Koons has a similar thing going on. But Koons used stainless steel and Kerns’ is crafting these by hand from clay.

It’s his elaborate detailing – down to the well placed air valve – that makes it easy to pass off his pop art ceramics as actual toy inflatables. While he’s receiving lots of press right now, you can still grab one of these babies for your very own from his Etsy.




via MyModernMet

2 Responses to “These Are Not Inflatable Toys”
  1. Art Star says:

    These are amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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