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Thea Alvin’s Earthwork


Thea Alvin is currently facilitating a two-week masonry restoration course in Piedmont, Italy. By the end of the course, her students should have a solid grasp of various preservation and restoration techniques along with several methods for adaptive re-use of vernacular masonry buildings. In other words, they’ll be able to take pieces of rocks and transform it into works of art, a craft that Thea Alvin turned into a profession.


For the past three decades, Thea Alvin has made a living as a stone mason based in Vermont. She owns a design company that specializes in the production of stone sculptures and the maintenance of her stone sculpture park. Alvin creates sculptures and landscape installations via dry stone stacking techniques she’s learned from expert masons.


It’s pretty incredible how Alvin channels the identity of an artist when crafting her creations. It not only takes a vast imagination to produce rock contortions but it also requires skill. Imagination does not move 300 pounds of wood from the forest floor to one’s working space. With the help of other masons, she’s learned how to transport rocks to different locations, mold stones into geometrical figures, and formulate landscape installations.


When Alvin is not working on individual projects, she teaches stone workshops at Yestermorrow, a design school in Morrisville, Vermont. She becomes a mentor to prospective masons looking to follow in her footsteps. What a great teacher they have!


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  1. Stone work is very big in South Florida. It’s quite an art.

  2. Kate says:

    You too can take a class with Thea at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School ( in Waitsfield, Vermont. Now registering for next summer’s 5 day “Art of Stone” class and 12-day “Italy Design/Build: Masonry Restoration” course.

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