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The Twin Peaks of Greenwich Village

The once Bohemian Greenwich Village’s fabled “Twin Peaks” building was once an idyllic and quaint oasis for New York artists. Looking as if lifted out of a Swiss forest rather than Manhattan, the original 183o structure was renovated in 1925 by Clifford Reed Dailey, who sought to create an “island growing in a desert of mediocrity.” He borrowed a bunch of money from Otto Kahn, and set out to create the ten-unit two towered wooden cabin for the city’s creatives.

twinpeaks3 twinpeaks2

When it was completed in 1926 it was the toast of the town- silent film star  Mable Normand christened the space with ceremonious champagne bottle smashing. Douglas Fairbanks and Walt Disney called its nooks and crannies home, as well as Cary Grant and Miles Davis lived in the modest “Artist studios” that were the dream of Dailey.  The property was converted to co-ops in the 80s, and were still occupied by New York’s creative types- until it just recently went up for sale. The studios, which I’ve seen rent for $2,500+, are needless to say “rustic”…as in totally not comfortable. I wonder if the new owners will join all ten of the tiny 20 x 18 foot units, or perpetuate the starving artist studio ideal.

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What: Twin Peaks House

Where: 102 Bedford Street


3 Responses to “The Twin Peaks of Greenwich Village”
  1. My Aunt living in one of the studios in the 1950’s and early 60’s before moving to Styvestant Town. It was small but charming and quite comfortable for her. Her apartment overlooked the courtyard. She was robbed one night when a cat burglar came in across the roof, otherwise I think she would have stayed.

  2. Coppla says:

    I have a beautiful work of art from the 50s by James Sanford hulme of this building if anyone living in it is interested

  3. Virginia says:

    Newly married and starting grad school at NYU, I lived there in 1965-66. Dinner plate would not fit in tiny kitchen sink, only one small closet, but it was charming. We loved it!

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