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The Tallest Hotel Filled with William DeBilzan Art

New York, the best city ever, is now home to the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere- the newly opened Marriott on 54th Street. To go along with its  grandeur in height, the hotel commissioned artist William DeBilzan to create an epic amount of site-specific murals, paintings and sculptures for the hotel. DeBilzan’s abstract landscapes and figurative works can be see on five floors of the hotel, including 4 sculptures in the lobby, 2 on the fifth floor, 7 pillars of art work on the fourth floor, 2 in the conference rooms, 8 paintings in the hotel’s elevators and 2 oversized murals honoring New York in the lower lobby rooms. (I particularly love DeBilzan’s take on the New York skyline- achromatic, collagey, perfectly imperfect like New York is).


DeBilzan must have a thing for tall buildings (or they have a thing for him) because he was also commissioned to create artworks for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai.

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Who: William DeBilzan

What: Courtyard New York Manhattan/Central Park Marriott

Where: 1717 Broadway

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