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The Red Hook Bracelet remembering #Sandy

Today marks the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall on October 29, 2012.  As a remembrance of the storm and a celebration of all the recovery progress that has been made, Art from the Ashes presents The Red Hook Bracelet.


Designed by Red Hook artist, Miki Tanaka and available at proceeds from the sale of the bracelet will benefit The Artist Volunteer Center, which was formed by Brooklyn artist Jason A. Maas in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The actions of the residents of Red Hook inspired ART from the ashes and compelled us to want to help too.  Watch this great short film about how the bracelet came to be:

The Red Hook Bracelet from ART from the ashes on Vimeo.

This hand made bracelet represents the power of the simple hook to connect – physically and metaphorically. Proceeds from the sale of the bracelets will benefit the Artist Volunteer Center. Born of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, artist Jason Maas funneled his life changing experience into a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a forum to witness, present and participate in artwork that is derived from direct engagement with socially conscious issues.

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