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The Rebirth of the Rizzoli Bookstore

It’s back!

The closing of the grand flagship Rizzoli Bookstore in 2014 was met with total protest-with many customers picketing outside of the sprawling New York icon before it closed it’s doors forever. The beautiful 57th Street store meant more than a place to sell books, but was a symbol of a bygone era, housed along a block where piano makers once thrived, Roosevelts and Rothschilds lived, and in 1938 was compared to the Rue de Paix in Paris by the NY Times, for its high end shops. Fans tried to get the original space landmarked, clearly to no avail as luxury business took over the former space with plans to tear it down.


But mourners will get a treat today, as the Rizzoli Flagship is reborn. Thirty blocks south, the new Madison Square Park store will bring the same architectural experience to new customers, in a 5,000 square foot space that occupies the ground-floor level of the historic St. James Building, dating back to the early 19th century. Could the reborn flagship be a symbol for restoring architectural glamor to  a city transforming into ugly glass towers?

Are books the new books? We’ll soon find out.

What: new Rizzoli Bookstore Flagship

Where: 1133 Broadway

One Response to “The Rebirth of the Rizzoli Bookstore”
  1. Beppe says:

    The 57th Street Rizzoli was not the original one in Manhattan. The most European and I think the best looking bookstore
    in New York was actually in what is now the Henri Bendel store.

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