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The Pulitzer Fountain

The ultimate post-mortem vanity plate to himself, Joseph Pulitzer left $50,000 for the Pulitzer Fountain, to be erected in Grand Army Plaza at the South Eastern tip of Central Park.

His instructions were to create “a fountain like those in the Place de la Concorde in Paris.” A design competition awarded Karl Bitter and Thomas Hastings the honor and it was erected in 1916. Bitter wanted the plaza to be symmetrical, so the Sherman monument was moved 16 feet west (where it now stands).

True to Pulitzer’s empire of wealth, the bronze sculpture is of Pomona, Roman goddess of abundance. She pours water out of a bowl into the pools below, and is flanked by ram’s heads with horns of plenty to further emphasize Pulitzer’s posthumous message of wealth and material comforts. It fittingly sits in front of the present day Plaza Hotel and across from the tourist heavy FAO Schwartz and Apple stores.

Who: Karl Bitter and Thomas Hastings

What: The Pulitzer Fountain

Where: 5th Avenue & 59th Street

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