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Lori Zimmer, 2012, Photography by Coco Alexander

Lori Zimmer, 2012, Photography by Coco Alexander

Nerding Out with Art Blogger LORI ZIMMER

By Meaghan Coffey

March 2012

Lori Zimmer has an impeccable memory that is perfectly suited for her latest project, Art Nerd New York; she can recall a plethora of facts about an art installment within a subway grate in Midtown the second she walks over it. An art history scholar, avid walker, and city-explorer, Zimmer hoards fascinating tidbits pertaining to historical art installations and locations hidden within every corner of this city, and set out to share this recognition with the native New Yorkers who race past them every day.  Zimmer worked at Sotheby’s on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for a time, an experience she enjoyed and learned a valuable lesson from; “The art world tries to be snotty, and it doesn’t need to be. It’s New York City!” Therein lies Zimmer’s goal with the launch of Art Nerd New York—to make art installments in New York’s five boroughs seem approachable both to the savvy and the easily intimidated. According to Zimmer, art involves conversation, and through the descriptions of each site (which can be found by searching a specific artist, installment, or neighborhood), she conquers the balancing act required of an art blog that targets both admitted art snobs and the unintentionally naive. To Zimmer, art can and should be enjoyed by everyone—especially the residents and visitors of a city so infused with it…

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