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The LAST Anna Copa Cabanna Show- Sad!

Anna Last Show Poster

Its SO sad that the incredible Anna Copa Cabanna is doing her last leotarded show! I remember first seeing her gogo at Rififi and The Painted Lady when I was still new to New York- and when it still had that magical spirit where sequined variety shows were a regular thing. Aside from being incredibly talented herself, Anna has also championed one of our faves, Breedlove, as well as a slew of talented dancers.

Sad to see you go Anna girl, but excited for whatever you dream up for us next!

The show isn’t until December 20, but it WILL sell out, so get your ticket now.


After 8 sparkling years of dancing aliens, metal covers on xylophones, 1 minute punk songs, and spandexed tributes to Patrick Swayze, the only 70s inspired Variety Show in NYC- THE ANNA COPA CABANNA SHOW- is saying goodbye at Joe’s Pub, Friday Dec 20th, 2013. 

Anna Copa Cabanna’s shows are imaginative and relevant… There is a lot of affection shown for the traditions of show-biz, as well as plenty of fun and play”- Tommy Ramone

“Full force all around entertainment”- PMc Magazine 

About The Anna Copa Cabanna Show
: With all the hubbub lately about young women in Entertainment being too manufactured, too raunchy, and too concerned about shock value- in shimmies The Anna Copa Cabanna Show as your perfect antidote with a dose of unbridled old fashioned entertainment and a brave, original voice. Bringing the focus back to Song and Dance. Charming silliness. Ridiculous costumes. Intricate Choreography. Heartfelt lyrics. And DIY rock and roll theatricality. Think AC/DC and Olivia Newton-John’s lovechild…hanging out with Pee Wee Herman, and The Muppets. Showbiz with a punk aesthetic. A grand old time!

Australian showgirl Anna Copa Cabanna’s Rock and Roll Variety Show draws inspiration from Laugh-in, Solid Gold, The Sonny and Cher Show, and The Carol Burnett Show! Combining a love of this golden age of TV Specials with an honest portrayal of an Australian living in New York, The Anna Copa Cabanna Show’s primary goal is transporting the audience to a world of glamor, humor, overly earnest but beautiful dancing, and classic rock and roll!


The TRUTH- in a sequin leotard.

One last Spectacular before Anna moves on to new projects. On December 20th, she is bringing back some of her favorite routines  as well as so many surprises- The Wheel of Wonderment! Tumbling! Australian Trivia! and CLIMACTIC tributes to Deep Purple, 80s Romantic Comedy, Eric Stolz, and ROLLER BOOGIE!

“The Ann Magnuson of our generation”-
“Sparkly unisex unitards, games with prizes, punk rock, freaking out, and other forms of miscellaneous unruliness”- VICE
“Magically campy, wonderfully honest and filled with lightning bolts of charisma and 
hysterical moments”-

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