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The Invasion at National Arts Club

The beautiful National Arts Club sometimes opens its members- only doors to the public to peep their exhibitions- and NOW is one of those times! Go into the Gramercy Park mansion and say you’re there for The Invasion! The group show features work by Ryan McGinley, Sandy Kim, and Petra Collins



Please join us this coming Tuesday, April 29th from 3-5PM for a special press preview of It’s An Invasion, a group art show bringing young NYC based artists into a space which encapsulates the spirit of a decadent New York of a time past, The National Arts Club. The exhibit will showcase work from 55 artists including Ryan McGinley, Sandy Kim, and Petra Collins.

“It’s An Invasion” Group Art Exhibition

Open to the Public: Wednesday, April 30th – Saturday, May 10th

“It’s An Invasion” is an ode to the concept that after introducing something foreign to a new environment, both entities will never be the same again. This show will clear the cobwebs from the National Arts Club’s decadent halls and take the historical institution by storm.

The works reflect disturbance and agitation; a city, a person, an object, a belief, a relationship, or a feeling in a perpetual state of invasion. All 55 contributing artists already carry the ability to be so impactful, so the idea of “invasion” came together easily.

While celebrating the power of each artist in their ability to disturb, “It’s An Invasion” pays homage to the creative melting pot of New York City by including only artists who live and create here, some born in the city and some who have migrated from around the world.

The National Arts Club was founded in 1898 by author and poet Charles De Kay. He, together with a group of distinguished artists and patrons, conceived a gathering place to welcome artists of all genres as well as art lovers and patrons. At the turn of the 20th century, American artists began to look to the US rather than Europe for inspiration, and the American art world was alive with energy.

The show is curated by Kelsey Bennett, Joshua Hubbard, and Lele Saveri.

Contributing Artists Include:
Daniel Arnold, Nick Atkins, Kelsey Bennett, Sarah Bereza, Asger Carlsen, Petra Collins, Mark Cross, Cheryl Dunn, Eric Elms, Ryan Foerster, Sam Friedman, David Geeting, Othelo Gervacio, Julian Gilbert, Adam Green, Jack Greer, Joshua Hubbard, Douglas James, Todd James, Priscilla Jeong, Todd Jordan, Sandy Kim, Johnny Knapp, Andrew Kuo, Alice Lancaster, Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Brendan Lynch, Luck You Collective, Abel Macias, Ray Martinez, Nathaniel Matthews, Sean Maung, Pat McCarthy, Ryan McGinley, Taylor McKimens, Heather Morgan, Jason Nocito, Jack Ridley, Adam Rossiter, Maia Ruth Lee, Dan Santoro, Lele Saveri, Bennet Schlesinger, Nick Sethi, Alessandro Simonetti, Meryl Smith, Andrew Sutherland, Peter Sutherland, B.Thom Stevenson, Aria McManus & Raine Trainor, Sean Vegezzi, Vizie, Pete Voelker, Weirdo Dave FTL, and Joshua Wildman.

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