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Team Frieze or Team Armory?

Just in time for my visit to Frieze today, Artfetch has posted my opinionated drawl on the fairs second invasion to the isle of Randall.

Read on, and let me know if you’re Team Frieze or Team Armory


The tents are pitched, let battle commence. Lori Zimmer asks: can Frieze, now in its second year, take on the might of Armory for the Art–Fair soul (and wallets) of New York?

The battle is on. The second year of the Frieze Art Fair has come to New York — proving that the Armory Week shift is here to stay — and ready to duke it out. Last year, both Pulse and NADAjumped ship, abandoning their alliance with the Armory Fair and joining forces with the British fair’s first invasion. The Armory Show’s long history, and inclusion of the world’s blue chip galleries has made it a well respected contender, but Frieze’s fresh approach to the art fair experience makes Pier 92 & 94 almost seem passé.

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