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Taxidermy Performance at After Hours

Times Square Arts‘ latest invite-only After Hours took on a more conceptual feel than their last Nomi Ruiz performance. Held at the secretly awesome Aspen Social Club (which has an entire faux-antler ceiling …because a chandelier isn’t enough), the evening was spent with a piece involving taxidermy called Cabin Fever: An Alpine Fantasy. By Ryder & Hazel, only one of the pair is actually alive (Ryder is the person, and Hazel is the taxidermy). The performance felt a bit like being in the top floor of Sleep No More- if you’ve been, you know what I mean…eerie music, cold cold blue light, and Ryder’s strange movements with feathers and dirt, all set to an ambient soundtrack by The Drums.


image ©Alan Joseph

Ryder-Hazel2 Ryder-Hazel3 Ryder-Hazel4 Ryder-Hazel5

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