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I usually avoid Times Square at all costs, but I will admit I do like when my errands or assignments require me to go there every so often. Its weirdly magical and unearthly- and it amazes me that the Naked Cowboy still keeps on keepin’ on. But aside from weirding myself out on purpose, now there is an arty reason to head to tourist hell. Every night at 11:57 pm (when most tourists have settled into their Comfort Inn beds), the Times Square Alliance and EAI have taken over 30 screens that normal blast advertisements all day long. For several hypnotic minutes, Takeshi Murata‘s “Melter 2” transforms seven city blocks into a pulsating blob of colors that ebb and flow between the screens spread across blocks of buildings.

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Each evening, Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery will take over the screens, with a rotating roster each month. Its a shame that art usurps advertising for only a few minutes a day.

Murata is also a babe.


Who: Takeshi Murata

What: Melter 2

Where: Times Square

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  1. Takeshi Murata is a total babe. And his video takes over 15 screens in @TimesSquareNYC every night. @artnerdnewyork

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