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The Dakota

The Dakota has been a legendary residence for years. John and Yoko lived here, in addition to a zillion other famous people, including Lauren Bacall, Leonard Bernstein, Connie Chung and […]

Flux-Hall Fluxus Shop

Inspired by John Cage’s experimental music of the 1950s and of the disdain for the bourgeois art world, the anti-art movement of Fluxus was born. The Fluxus art movement was […]

The Church of Art

For me, the closest I get to religion is in art history class, with creepers like Jan Van Eyck and of course Hieronymous Bosch. But of course leave it to […]

Yoko Ono’s Bad Dancer is Weird and an Art Nerd’s Dream

Once I went to the Law and Order SVU woods at Central Park at 5am for one of Yoko Ono’s performances, that she never actually showed up for. That’s okay, […]

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