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Lit Nerd Wednesday! Henry Miller hated New York. A lot. So much so that he trashed the city every chance he got until his dying days (more on that below). His […]

ROA Squirrel

Belgian artist ROA‘s black and white animal murals can be found across the world (and next to where I lived in Berlin). This large squirrel piece is on the side […]

Old Gems, New Gems: Arts@Renaissance Group Show Reception Tonight

More than 125 artists’ works will shine tonight and through March 1 for a limited run of Arts@Renaissance’s group show “NYC Salon Showcase: A Weekend at the Old Gem”. 695 […]

ACME Brooklyn

This weekend, a collective of artists from Brooklyn and Mexico will be exhibiting their work through ACME Brooklyn,  a project that seeks to explore “the artistic production of a specific […]

Vahge at Brooklyn Fox

Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Fox on North 6th and Bedford  has incredible clothing- and now the fingerprint of yours truly. I’ve been asked to curate the windows, meshing some of my favorite […]

Greg LaMarche’s Falling Letters of Brooklyn

I’ve always loved Greg LaMarche‘s typeface collages, and was happy to see one of his works larger than life on the side of a building in front of the picturesque […]

ICY & SOT- View from the Bridge

I recently met the prolific (and young) Iranian brothers/street art duo ICY & SOT– two really nice dudes. I’m LOVING their new piece over on Wythe and South 6th. I […]

Tara McPherson Prints- Rebuilding After the Fire

I used to live with the awesome artist Tara McPherson in Williamsburg- sadly our old apartment (which she was still living in with her boyfriend and adorable son) recently burned! […]

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