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The Met’s Period Rooms

Everyone knows The Met is the city’s most epic museum, with a vast collection from ancient to modern. I don’t have to tell you that it is a must see. […]

Bemelmans Bar

Lit Nerd Wednesday! I have a bit of a dilemma – I love vintage hotel bars but my archivist salary says NO! Of course I still like to indulge from […]

Marc Chagall’s Apartment

Marc Chagall has left his mark on New York City – Lincoln Center’s gorgeous Chagall murals are as famous as the Metropolitan Opera itself, and the United Nations building boasts […]

Meaning + Process at Sophia Narrett’s Arts + Leisure solo show, “This Meant Nothing”

Desire is a potent force in Narrett’s threaded creations on display at Arts + Leisure for her solo show, This Meant Nothing, on view through June 28. Figures woven into […]

Jeff Koons: Coming Soon!

Coming soon! Jeff Koons  bought these two side by side residences on the Upper East side in late 2010. The Balloon Dog creator’s new residence will be 21,500 square feet- […]

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