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Heart Be Still- Check out the Heart Shaped Drum Sculpture in Times Square with Your Love

Times Square Arts celebrate lovers each year by commissioning a winning design team to create an interactive Valentine sculpture for Duffy Square. Yesterday, the 2015 sculpture was unveiled, called HeartBeats […]

Sebastian Errazuriz takes on #MidnightMoment- A Pause in the City That Never Sleeps

Artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz is incredible- I love everything from his Sandy-inspired T-shirts to his furniture that contorts like a rippling wave. So it came as no surprise to me that […]

Charles Atlas and Antony #MidnightMoment Starring the Beautiful Nomi Ruiz

Starting tonight, the new #MidnightMoment in Times Square debuts for December. The screens will be taken over for 3 minutes by You Are My Sister (TURNING) by pioneering artist Charles Atlas and artist/musician […]

#MidnightMoment with Noah Hutton’s Brain City

A new month, an hour more, and a new film for Times Square’s #MidnightMoment. This month, Noah Hutton’s Brain City will take over the screens in Times Square every night […]

Experience Times Square in Solitude with Ryoji Ikeda’s test pattern [times square] with SOUND

This Thursday experience Times Square Art’s #Midnightmoment like never before. For October, Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda’s test pattern, a conversion of the artist’s audio signal patterns into a barcode-like visual, enlivens […]

Chris Doyle’s Midnight Moment

The screens of Times Square are taken over again, this month by Chris Doyle’s short film “Bright Canyon” which transforms the concrete jungle into an expansive canyon. Each night in […]

Yorgo Alexopoulos at Times Square Midnight Moment

Crap, it’s already June. That mean’s Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moment has changed over! This month’s feature three minute film that takes over the ad screens from 11:57 to midnight […]

Outside In with Times Square Arts and Van Alen Institute

The Van Alen Institute, who brought us the Valentine sculpture in Times Square this year, has an incredible day of film for us next Monday, which is free with RSVP at […]

Street Theater- Because Times Square Truly is a Stage

I know plenty of people who have furnished entire apartments from items they glean from the streets of New York- whether it has bedbugs or not is not the point. In […]

Jim Findlay: Dream of the Red Chamber, a performance for a sleeping audience

When else can you experience an art installation that encourages its audience to sleep…in Times Square of all places. Times Square Arts has brought Jim Findlay’s latest piece, Dream of […]

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