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#LOVETRUMPSHATE- Times Square Valentine Sculpture dedicated to Immigrants


Each year, I look forward to the interactive Valentine’s sculpture in Times Square- which is unveiled today. This year’s winner of the annual Valentine Heart Design Competition, The Office for […]

Blue Moon and Karaoke for February’s #Midnightmoment


February’s #MidnightMoment from Times Square Arts is the whimsical release that we all need. Da Corte’s surreal short film features the Moon, singing “Blue Moon” karaoke no less, clad in […]

Pipilotti Rist’s Open My Glade (Flatten) for January’s #MidnightMoment


This month’s #Midnightmoment in Times Square brings the New Museum’s latest exhibition with Pipilotti Rist to the crossroads of New York City. Rist’s “Open my Glade (Flatten)” is a quirky […]

Count Sheep with December’s #MidnightMoment

Midnight Moment: Tal Yarden, Counting Sheep
December 1, 2016 - December 30, 2016
every night from 11:57pm-midnight

Times Square Arts presents a visual lullaby for the city in filmmaker and theatrical video artist Tal YardenÕs Counting Sheep on Times SquareÕs electronic billboards from 11:57 pm to midnight throughout December.The film follows the Meike brothers, octogenarian sheep ranchers, through the arc of the yearÕs natural seasons, from the winter fields to the Big Horn Mountains in summer before trailing home in the fall. This project is a part of Midnight Moment, a monthly presentation by the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts.

Have a bucolic moment in the middle of the city all month, at December’s #midnightmoment from Times Square Arts, Tal Yarden’s Counting Sheep. Times Square Arts presents a visual lullaby […]

#MidnightMoment’s Emilio Perez on Dream Season


Get the inside scoop being November’s Midnight Moment, “Dream Season” by Emilio Perez with the artist and Sherry Dobbins of Times Square Arts, then head to Times Square to experience […]

November’s #Midnightmoment Starts Tonight! Emilio Perez’s Dream Season


November’s #MidnightMoment partners up with the Cuban Artists Fund to bring viewers inside one of Perez’s colorful, abstract paintings. In Dream Season, the paintings become side by side with the […]

Walk with the Clouds at your feet in Times Square


You know I have a passion for Times Square unlike most New Yorkers- but seriously, Times Square Arts just continues to bring cool things to the tourist center of the […]

Tim Etchell’s Poetic #MidnightMoment in Times Square this month


October’s #MidnightMoment favors the French, as Times Square Arts partners with the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) as part of FIAF’s 2016 Crossing the Line Festival. Etcher’s enigmatic piece features […]

Graphic Cyphers- B-Girl Champ Anne Nguyen Dances in the Streets of Times Square this Sunday

5184x3456 Canon Camera Raw file created from CGImageRef by convert2JpegLite v1.1.0 from Woula Software LLC on 2016-07-12 14:46:22 at comp:0.95

Graphic Cyphers September 25, 2016 | 2:30pm & 4:30pm Anne Nguyen French Institute Alliance Francaise, Crossing the Line , Dancing in the Streets Get inspired and impressed by the B […]

September’s #MidnightMoment brings The Met Opera to Times Square


Times Square Arts’ says goodbye to summer with a beautiful #MidnightMoment partnership with the Metropolitan Opera. In conjunction with the performances of Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde at the Metropolitan Opera, September’s […]

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