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Art Nerd Does JR’s #Insideoutnyc

Today is the last day to get your pic taken in Times Square for JR’s Inside Out project! A few weeks ago, we went to  JR‘s Inside Out photobooth in […]

Icy and Sot

I recently met Icy and Sot in real life after following their work on Facebook for awhile. I love this image- so reminds me of Marisol’s Merchant Marine piece, no? […]

A Round Up of Artists on Instagram

Mindlessly double-tapping through Instagram can quickly turn into a black hole of nail art, puppies in costumes, and half-naked Rihanna. Looking for a more cultured and entertaining 20 minute diversion? […]

JR’s Photobooth Starts Today!

We’re heading over to Times Square today for the press preview of JR’s Photobooth outpost of his Inside Out project. Over the course of the project, he’ll print out images […]

ESPO Loves Brooklyn

Stephen Powers aka ESPO’s Love Letter to Brooklyn is confusing at first sight. His expertly meticulous style of sign painting seems like a vintage advertisement on the side of Macy’s […]

Aakash Nihalani – PORTAL

  Always crushing on Brookyln-based artist, Nihalani’s ingenuity, including his recent tape mural install, Portal over at Houston & Elizabeth on side of the Rag & Bone boutique. image credit: unurth

Martha Cooper Instagrams Street Art in Action from Puerto Rico

I don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but right now legendary graffiti photographer Martha Cooper is in Puerto Rico Instagramming her butt off. She’s catching some legends in action […]

Graffiti Artist CRASH Gives Houston & Bowery Some POP

I love the evolution of the wall at Houston & Bowery.  Last week it was a tribute to graffiti photographer, Martha Cooper and this week, Graffiti Artist CRASH turned it into a pop-art […]

Italian artist, Alice Pasquini arrives in Bushwick

  Italian street artist, Alice Pasquini has landed in Bushwick, leaving her largest mural in the U.S. at Five Points. It’s called “As Much as You Can”. “It’s dedicated to all […]


  Yarnbombing is finally getting the recognition it deserves in the art community and garnering attention by well-known art institutions like, The Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Last May, they commissioned […]

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