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Buff Monster x KID ROBOT

Just in time for summer, Buff Monster has graced the walls of Kid Robot with a sticky sweet new mural of a clusterfuck of buck-toothed ice cream cyclopes (yes I […]

I miss London #BrickLane

I miss London #BrickLane  

5 Pointz: A Graffiti Institution soon to face demolition

For the past two decades, 5 Pointz has been considered an epicenter of graffiti art in New York. The 200,000 square foot Long Island City warehouse cemented its popularity in […]

ICY & SOT- View from the Bridge

I recently met the prolific (and young) Iranian brothers/street art duo ICY & SOT– two really nice dudes. I’m LOVING their new piece over on Wythe and South 6th. I […]

Help the Welling Court Mural!

Garrison and Allison Buxton of the former Ad Hoc Gallery are in it for all the right reasons. They’re hoping to extend their love of street art once again and […]

Minhau’s Sao Paulo Color Wheel

Minhau’s colorful cats with their outlining thick black lines pepper Sao Paulo’s urban spaces offering up walls like pages from vibrant coloring books. Minhau, to my delight has branched out into other projects like large […]

Kenny Scharf’s Red Scary Guy #2

I love that everywhere you turn on the Lower East Side, you come face to face with a Kenny Scharf piece. Most of them come out secretly at night, when […]

The Industrial Divine

Bushwick has turned into an open-air mural museum as of late, and Art Nerd favorite Beau Stanton is its newest featured artist. Stanton transformed a disused (and rather ugly) stained […]

Les Ballets de Faile- Ce Soir!

it has finally arrived- my turn to go to Les Ballets de Faile! In the time honored tradition of meshing visual arts with the ballet (Picasso’s banner from Mercure still […]

Dear Diary: Kenny Scharf

Our buddy Kenny Scharf shared some of his adventures in a recent trip to Mobile, Alabama with Art Nerd for our (still kinda new) Dear Diary. Scharf brought his classic […]

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