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Max Neuhaus, Times Square

You have probably never noticed Max Neuhaus’ permanent installation, “Times Square.” Like me, most New Yorkers avoid the tourist heavy area at all costs. Stand above the grates located the […]

VIDEO: Max Neuhaus’ Times Square

A great short on my favorite part of Times Square- Max Neuhaus’ 24 hour sound piece! I love watching tourists freak out when they hear it.

William Anastasi: Sound Works 1963-2013

I’ve talked a lot about Sound Art, Minimalism and the Fluxus movement lately. Hunter College is about to mount an art historically important show that touches on the development of […]

Listen / Hear / Create: A Short History from MutualArt

Here’s a recent article I wrote on Sound Art for The genre of sound art is still a relatively intimidating one, with even art and art history enthusiasts shying […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Sound Art

When confronted with Sound Art, many art enthusiasts get nervous- daunted and apprehensive to partake -because basically many of us don’t know enough about it to sound smart. What differentiates […]

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