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Sebastian Errazuriz takes on #MidnightMoment- A Pause in the City That Never Sleeps

Artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz is incredible- I love everything from his Sandy-inspired T-shirts to his furniture that contorts like a rippling wave. So it came as no surprise to me that […]

Sebastian Errazuriz’s Wave Cabinet Meshes Art and Design with Perfection

I love how Sebastian Errazuriz consistently meshes art and design. This new Wave Cabinet is exactly what I’m talking about!

Collective Design Fair

For some reason, the art and design world don’t like acknowledging one another- which I find preposterous! I actually like how my visual style and preferences blur between art and […]


Sebastian Errazuriz

I am a total sucker for what I consider to be the greatest feat of graphic design of all time: Milton Glaser’s I Love New York. My friends in other […]

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