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Fritz Koenig’s Sphere

Originally commissioned for the World Trade Center, The Sphere stood between the Twin Towers in Austin Tobin Plaza from 1971 until the 9/11 attacks.  On this day of remembrance, let […]

Party Celebrating Sculptors Guild’s 80th Anniversary on Halloween Set to Stun

Mark it down: 5-9 pm on Tuesday, Oct 31st – Jim Kempner is the place to be, where Sculptors Guild will be holding its 80th anniversary gala honoring sculptor Lin […]

Laura Kimpton LOVE- Vegas style

Last year Laura Kimpton took over the SLS Hotel in South Beach for a totally immersive art experience during Basel. Now her iconic LOVE sculpture is decking the halls of […]

Stamen by Rodney Carroll

In 1967, the Churchill Building was one of New York’s largest luxury buildings. The sculpture at the front of the 2nd avenue facade was commissioned by the building in 2008. […]

Louise Nevelson Plaza

Russian born Louise Nevelson began her shallow relief sculptures in the 1930s. She moved from studying in New York to Munich to assist Diego Rivera, causing a huge rift between […]

Meaning + Process at Sophia Narrett’s Arts + Leisure solo show, “This Meant Nothing”

Desire is a potent force in Narrett’s threaded creations on display at Arts + Leisure for her solo show, This Meant Nothing, on view through June 28. Figures woven into […]

Linda Cunningham’s Urban Oasis at Westchester Square in the Bronx

Amorphous forms hover in the traffic island near East Tremont Ave, beckoning pedestrians to approach and encounter an industrial ecosystem within the urban terrain. Twisted steel beams rise up among […]

Fine Contemporary Art Flourishes at Florian-with a Twist

Who can resist the lure of the new, the downtown, the contemporary? A departure from the status quo, eschewing the establishment– there’s nothing more fun than leaving the stuffy canonized […]

‘Double Check’ at Zuccotti Park

A member of the Johnson & Johnson health and beauty empire family, J. Seward Johnson is known for his life-size bronze casts of actual people doing ordinary things. A philanthropic […]


The Instagram that started it all. I was riffling through the #JeffKoonsRetrospective hashtag when I saw it.  This pic of a tiny little replica of the Koons Play-Doh sculpture housed in […]

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