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Dali’s Happenings with Veruschka, Jonas Mekas and Taylor Mead

In 1964, Salvador Dali did a series of “Happenings” in New York- here’s a kooky one with Jonas Mekas, Taylor Mead and supermodel Veruschka (she looks like an alien today!) […]

If Dali Dressed Me

I’m a little obsessed with Dali’s aesthetic and how it translates to fashion. I love all of his pieces he designed for his Dream of Venus Pavilion at the 1939 […]

Dali and the Lobster Crotch

What’s not to love? Dali equated lobsters with sex (like in the Lobster Telephone)- sexay  

Dream of Dali

I love this costume for Dali’s Dream of Venus pavilion that was at the 1939 World’s Fair in Queens.

Nick Veasey’s Lobster Telephone

nick veasey, mauger modern, lobster telephone, x-ray art

Most of you know how obsessed with Dali’s Lobster Telephone I am. I mean, I DO have it tattooed on my arm (I truly am an art nerd) and was […]

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