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A Movable Dance: Dances for a Variable Population Wanders Harlem in “10027”

Thursday night kicked off the first of three nights of performance for the dance troupe Dances for a Variable Population’s June 2015 performance of 10027. Part nomadic amble, part celebration […]

VIDEO: The Weird of Jonathan Meese

I  kinda hate Jonathan Meese but that doesn’t mean you have to. I’m all about equal opportunity here at Art Nerd.

Pablo Helguera, Remixed: Strange Oasis at Kent Fine Art

Renowned artist, art educator and collaborator extraordinaire Pablo Helguera is in the house tonight for the opening of his solo show, Strange Oasis, at Kent Fine Art (210 Eleventh Ave at 25th […]

Anya Liftig’s Twin High Maintenance Machines

Tonight tonight, celebrate the warm weather with Anya Luftig and Brooklyn Brewery. On one hand, the animal of Anya, on the other hand, the representations. On one hand, misunderstanding of […]

VIDEO: Inside Ulay and Marina Abramovic

Performance art’s first couple- Ulay and Marina Abramovic

Nyugen Smith at SCOPE Art Show

Anddddd I’m back from Miami. So much to share with you, but first the incredible special project by Nyugen Smith that I curated for SCOPE Art Show. I’m so proud […]

Make Your Halloween Arty with CHERYL

Halloween is like New Year’s Eve- I can never get anyone to commit to one damn thing, because something “better” may come along (and then they subsequently having a bad […]

Art & Celebrities – The New Obsession

So I’m sure you all heard or saw by now, Tilda Swinton was napping in a box at MoMA. This past Saturday and then again on Monday, visitors were caught […]

The Poser Adapts: NYC to Costa Rica

Alter ego, performance artist, red carpet wannabe, call her what’d you like, butThe Poser, created by artist Anne Grauso, more than anything, is socio-cultural commentary exposing and poking fun of […]

Performance Artist Nick Cave

Let the Wild Rumpus Start! Performance Artist Nick Cave is bringing his mesmerizing sound-suits to Grand Central as part of their 100th year celebration. His performance piece (HEARD-NY) will feature thirty […]

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