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#GETIT I Want To Be Here Series by The Maple Ridge

I thought this new series by Andrew Zangerle of The Maple Ridge would be appropriate on this #@$% FREEZING day.  His sparkly painted mountainscapes and floral covered meadows have got […]

Andrea Heimer’s Suburban Mythology @Parlor Gallery

As if the suburbs didn’t have a bad enough rap, Andrea Heimer goes and takes a delightfully sardonic jab at the lives of its residents with her upcoming solo show […]

Miguel Ovalle: Encryption and Transient Faults

As a child, we weren’t allowed to order Pay-Per-View. It was incredibly expensive my mother would say, but, at times, if you turned on the channel, you could see, if […]

Between Death and a Happy Place

I walk into the gallery and the first thing I see is Love. I spy the bats and forgo any art world kiss-kiss hellos. Standing before it for quite some time, […]

Past the Pillars of Hercules

Before the “selfie” there was the self-portrait. The advent of photography changed everything for artists. But with experiments in new media pushing art forward, some artists are choosing to look […]

EMPIRIA: Works by Kajahl Benes, Miguel Ovalle, and Esteban del Valle

Curated by Coby Kennedy, EMPIRIA features the work of Kajahl Benes, Miguel Ovalle, and Esteban del Valle. Ranging from floor to ceiling installation and sculpture to paintings that span an […]

John Copeland is on Tumblr

I’ve been waiting to say something about New York based painter John Copeland’s work for a while now, but I guess I just shelved the inclination and moved on. But I […]

Musings on Photorealism, Edward Hopper, April Gornik and A.J. Fries

As many of you know Lori & I are both from Buffalo, NY and we artnerd-it-up the Queen City from time to time.  One of Buffalo’s most notable living artists […]

Shawn Huckins

  The Writing Master: Laughing Out Loud Laughing Out Loud Laughing Out Loud Laughing Out Loud 2013, acrylic on canvas, 33 x 36 inches. I’m a big fan of Shawn Huckins […]

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