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Charles Atlas and Antony #MidnightMoment Starring the Beautiful Nomi Ruiz

Starting tonight, the new #MidnightMoment in Times Square debuts for December. The screens will be taken over for 3 minutes by You Are My Sister (TURNING) by pioneering artist Charles Atlas and artist/musician […]

Nomi Ruiz on PMc Mag

I recently interviewed singer/installation artist/Clocktower Gallery resident Nomi Ruiz for Patrick McMullan Magazine. The talented Jonathan Grassi photographed Ruiz in and around her grandmother’s home in Sunset Park before she […]

Nomi Ruiz at After Hours

Last week we were invited to watch the incomparable Nomi Ruiz perform for the second edition of Times Square Arts and Clocktower Gallery’s new series collaboration, After Hours. Nomi has […]

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