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A Rose is a Rrose


Marcel Duchamp’s alter-ego, Rrose Sélavy, began showing up in Man Ray photos around 1921. Dressed in full drag, the name is meant to be a pun on  “Eros, c’est la vie”, […]

Chasing Marcel Duchamp Around New York

Marcel Duchamp

During his lifetime, visionaire Surrealist, Cubist and Dadaist, Marcel Duchamp took residence in New York many times.  In 1915, after the declaration of World War 1, he fled Europe, moving  into a […]

Julian Levy- Best Gallerist Ever


Forget Castelli, forget Gagosian and Deitch, the real man with the plan was Julian Levy. The future gallerist ended up introducing Surrealism to the New York art world after dropping […]

VIDEO: Dreams That Money Can Buy- a 1947 Surrealist Feast


Dreams That Money Can Buy was made in 1947 in a collaboration with director Hans Richter and Surrealism/Dada super stars Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Darius Milhaud […]

VIDEO: Interview with Marcel Duchamp


Late night line up! Marcel Duchamp is interviewed on BBC in 1968- nearly 28 minutes with the master on all of his influences since the age of 15. Your art […]



Duchamp said it best with his readymade LHOOQ (which if read aloud, in French it sounds like “Elle a chaud au cul”..which pretty much translates to “She has a hot […]

Duchamp’s Peephole


If you’re near Philadelphia, make sure to see the epic collection of Marcel Duchamp work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art- especially the dirty/surprising Étant donnés: 1° la chute d’eau.  

Miguel Ovalle: Fountain’s Centennial Fire Hazard


What happens when the original idea for a large scale installation is thwarted due to a fire hazard? Well, if you are Miguel Ovalle, being the renaissance artist he is, you […]

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